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A reputation built on 40+ years of Building Envelope, Window/Glass Curtain Wall and Construction Management Expertise.

Providing a collaborative & practical approach to ensure the best waterproofing methodology across all six sides of your Mid-Rise Multi-Use and High-End Residential projects.

  • Design and Specification Peer Review; Air Barrier, Window, Waterproofing & Roofing material expertise.
  • 3rd Party Field Monitoring ; Observing, Recording & Reporting with comprehensive report turn around in 48 hours.
  • Pre Construction Meeting Management & Warranty Review.
  • Construction Mock-up Review & Evaluation.
  • Building Enclosure Testing ; Management & Evaluation of the following:            
    • AAMA 501.2 (Water Nozzle Testing)
    • ASTM E1105 (Water Infiltration Testing)
    • ASTM C1521 (Sealant Pull Testing)
    • ASTM D5957 (Flood Testing)
    • ASTM D7877 (Electronic Field Vector Mapping) 


What Is A Building Envelope?

The Building Envelope of a structure consists of its roof, sub grade floor, exterior walls encompassing the six sides of the building and the boundary between the interior & exterior design & installation to protect or weatherproof from the elements.

  • Client & Third party BES inspection with a six-sided approach to observation
    • Below-grade waterproofing
    • Hot/Cold applied membrane waterproofing & Coating
    • Air barriers
    • Roofing
    • Windows, Doors & Skylights
    • Expansion Joints
  • Ensure all BE trade work Meets or exceeds the requirements of your project’s QA requirements
  • Our methodology enables 48-hour turn-around in reporting
  • Design Peer Review

Who Needs A Building Envelope Consultant?

  • Link In House Residential & Commercial Installation Quality Assurance Support
  • Client 3rd Party BES inspection, plan review & project management support
  • ASTM testing site observation review & oversight

Building Envelope Consultants & Why Building Envelope Is Important 

The Consultant /Specialist can assist the Design Team, Owner or GC and ensure the  Building Envelope is a proper or industry standard physical separator between the conditioned & unconditioned environment of a building including the resistance to air, water, heat, light and noise transfer.