Building Envelope Specialist

Building Specialist In San Francisco

A reputation built on 40+ years of Building Envelope, Window/Glass Curtain Wall and Construction Management Expertise.

 Providing a collaborative & practical approach to Assurance of all six sides of your Mid-Rise Multi-Use and High-End Residential projects.

  • Design and Specification Peer Review; Air Barrier, Window, Waterproofing & Roofing material expertise.
  • 3rd Party Field Monitoring ; Observing, Recording & Reporting with comprehensive report turn around in 48 hours.
  • Pre Construction Meeting Management & Warranty Review.
  • Construction Mock-up Review & Evaluation.
  • Building Enclosure Testing ; Management & Evaluation of the following:            
    • AAMA 501.2 (Water Nozzle Testing)
    • ASTM E1105 (Water Infiltration Testing)
    • ASTM C1521 (Sealant Pull Testing)
    • ASTM D5957 (Flood Testing)
    • ASTM D7877 (Electronic Field Vector Mapping)

What Is A Building Envelope Specialist?

Building Envelope Consultants, Ltd. is a group of architects, engineers, and other building science professionals who specialize in the design, inspection and testing of all elements of the "Building Envelope". This includes Roofs, Walls, Foundations and their component parts.

  • Client & Third party BES inspection with a six-sided approach to observation
  • Ensure all BE trade work Meets or exceeds the requirements of your project’s QA requirements
  • Our methodology enables 48-hour turn-around in reporting
  • Design Peer Review

Who Needs A Building Envelope Consultant?

  • Link In House Residential & Commercial Installation Quality Assurance Support
  • Client 3rd Party BES inspection, plan review & project management support
  • ASTM testing site observation review & oversight