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Windows are designed to bring a statement to your built structure.  They allow nature to permeate the indoors and bring in daylight.  Windows can define the style of a home as being traditional, contemporary, craftsman, mid-century, and beyond...

We have an array of window manufacturers who will provide you with the correct style and type of window for your home or business.  Our products are made of wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl.  Each product is designed to give you a different look.

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Collier Windows

Ventilation and energy efficiency are important factors to think about when choosing the right window.  Our most popular window styles are casements, awning, single or double-hung, and sliding windows.  All of our windows are insulated and intended to save energy.  Adding Low E coatings will vastly improve energy efficiency.


One of the most important features of any building, doors serve as passageways to shelter to the outside world. However, a door does not have to be plain and simple.

We will provide you with the latest architectural trends that lend style and elegance to your business or home. One such trend is having glass doors that slide into pockets, fold to one side, or stack up accordion style.

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Collier Doors

Collier also provides traditional sliding patio and French doors that are popular backyard, deck, and patio entrances.  Please take a look at our photo gallery for examples of projects we have completed.  Our doors come in the same variety of materials as our windows; aluminum, wood, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl.


Skylights have been used for centuries to bring natural light into built structures. In recent years, skylights have become a very important part of buildings. They are important because they bring direct and indirect lighting to the indoors.

Skylights are being designed to reduce energy costs and provide daylight to a building's inhabitants. Our selection of skylights come available in a variety of sizes, types, and styles. Glass is the most common material used, and is made into insulated panels consisting of tempered and laminated safety glass.

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Collier Skylights

Low E coating can be added to control heat gain and heat loss through the glass. Acrylic dome skylights are available and are generally more economical. Let us help make your space vibrant and inviting with our skylight selection.